Products Available

Here are some of the products you’ll find in store

We stock a range of shampoos for your horse and ponies Once they are bathed and feeling fresh then why not use the Carr & Day & Martin Mane and Tail spray to leave it feeling nice and silky. We also stock the Carr & Day & Martin Coat Shine to help reduce the coat from becoming greasy.
Likits are a great treat for your horse or pony. There are a wide range of flavours on the market and they come in two different sizes.
Horslyx are one of the newest treats to our shop but they are very popular and don't hang around for long! There different flavours avaible. Please check out our website for availability
Horse Bix treats are one of the most popular to our shop, these come in three different flavours
Stud Muffins are the most popular treat to our shoppers.
These treats are the perfect hand sized herbal flavoured treat.
These tasty treats are perfect for having in the car or lorry. With the air tight container, they stay fresher for longer. These treats also come in a refill bag of 1 & 5KG.